G.O.L.F. - Callaway/Meijer Junior Tour


Caddies and Carts


  • The use of powered carts or caddies is prohibited by all players.

  • Pull carts are allowed at all G.O.L.F. events, however, they are the sole responsibility of the competitor.  

  • Spectator Cart Use
    Individuals with permanent disabilities/handicap are allowed to use a powered cart to watch an event. 

The following guidelines will apply.

  • the individual must provide G.O.L.F. with documentaiton (license sticker, placard) pertaining to their permanent handicap.
  • cart rental is based entirely on the golf course policy where the particular event is being held
  • each individual is limited to cart rental to 2 times per season
  • the individual must request the cart one week prior to the event date in written form (E-Mail, Fax, Mail).  The request must include a photocopy of the handicap license/placard.

Please note that only 3 carts are available per event to be rented, therefore it is important to get your requests in as early as possible.

By not following these guidelines, spectator carts will not be issued.