G.O.L.F. - Callaway/Meijer Junior Tour


Code of Conduct


The G.O.L.F. Tournament Series takes great pride in the quality of its players, its host facility, and the sponsors and volunteers that sacrifice much time and make great strides to preserve the enjoyment of each event. G.O.L.F. Tournament Series expects each of its members to adhere to the Code of conduct guidelines listed below. This Code of Conduct is intended to help our members understand their responsibilities in preserving the integrity that the game of golf deserves.

Violations of the Code of Conduct are, but are not limited to:
on-site behavior
Abusive or foul language, disrespectful behavior towards any host site, volunteer, official, sponsor or fellow contestant, club throwing of any fashion, abuse to the golf course, the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, or any other conduct unbecoming of a G.O.L.F. member is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and considered a violation of the code of conduct.  Depending on G.O.L.F.committee decision of offence a penalty that is suitable of the violation will be given.
no shows (DNS)
Any player not withdrawing properly from an event (i.e.: informing a G.O.L.F. official that you are withdrawing prior to your scheduled tee time) has violated the code of conduct and will receive the penalty of one-event suspension from their next event without refund.
no card/unofficial withdrawal (NC)
Any player not turning in a scorecard, unless the player is injured during the round, or any player who withdraws after starting play, without valid reason of illness or injury, has violated the code of conduct.  Players must see G.O.L.F’s registration desk prior to leaving the golf course. First offense will begin with notification to parents and golf coach.
Penalties may include any or all of the following:
- written warning to player and parent
- written notification to player’s golf coach
- disqualification
- one-event suspension without refund
- termination of membership without refund
please note
In an effort to protect the field at each event, the tour officials for the G.O.L.F. ask all players and parents to notify an official of any violations of the code of conduct. In the event of a violation, the final decision will be made between the G.O.L.F. officials and the players involved.
The G.O.L.F. Tournament Series and all of its members, supporting organizations, directors, staff, agents, escorts, owners, hosts, successors, and assignees are to be free from all liability, claim, or other forms of legal action, including cost arising therefrom, against any incident which results in or arises out of any loss, property or personal (death included) which may be sustained by the junior, parent, or guardian during travel to, from, or participation in a G.O.L.F. Tournament Series event. Penalties and the determination of the severity of any action are at the sole authority of G.O.L.F. officials.